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SEA – Early-stage investments focused on sustainable energy technology.

We invest in companies with innovative solutions in sustainable energy technology and great market potential. SEA is an angel investor company founded in 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Our first fund SEA I will be closed during 2021. Our second fund SEA II funded in 2019 is currently active.

About US


The partners at SEA are a unique mix of entrepreneurs, engineers and investors with long experience of Swedish and international energy market and business development.


SEA invests in promising entrepreneurship to create value and build sector-leading companies. We are committed to long-term engagement with our portfolio companies.

Result focus

We look for real potential and outstanding companies that have set out to change the game and become market leaders.

Track record

Our partners have more than 30 years experience and best practice of venture capital in Europe and Silicon Valley.

Hands on

We help build a strong financing strategy and we work hands on with our companies in bringing in necessary additional investments.

Invest in people

We invest in teams with innovative solutions in sustainable energy technology and great market potential.

Our process

Step 1 1

Our focus is sustainable energy technology and we invest in people. We start out with a meeting to better understand your team, solution and problem you are solving and for you as an entrepreneur to get to know us.

STEP 2 2

Following an initial meeting we carry out a due diligence process which has some standard steps but will be tailored to get the best results.

STEP 3 3

Our investment is not only monetary and we are passionate about the companies we invest in and devote time to support the founder and the team.

STEP 4 4

After an investment we normally become part of the board of directors and our network of partners support the company in everything from strategy, contacts and financing approach.


SEA fund, SEA II and STOAF fund Scitech III work close together identify, analyse and co-invest in sustainable energy technology.

KIC Innoenergy is an incubator for sustainable energy technology and SEA has been working with KIC Innoenergy from the start.

SEA and Almi greentech has invested along side in numerous early stage ventures, looking for similar attributes in sustainable energy sector companies.

Success Stories

“They took care of us with their team of professionals. Absoluteley fantastic!”

Jack Johnson, Vice President at Ferroamp

Ferroamp has created the EnergyHub system, bringing a new future proof way of integrating solar PV, energy storage and DC loads in one system. (First investement 2014)

Amazing experience, professional service and expertise from day 1”

John Smith, CEO at Cascade Drives

The cascade gear technology was first invented by MD Stig Lundbäck and the company CorPower Ocean in 2009 for wave energy conversion. The cascade gear technology has since been developed by the CorPower team, optimizing the technology for high load and speed capacity in harsh oceanic environment. In year 2014, Cascade Drives AB was started as a spin-off from CorPower Ocean with the aim to exploit the benefits of the technology outside of wave power.

Great experience, top notch professionals in their field”

John Jackson, President at dLaboratory

dLaboratory Sweden AB was founded by Magnus Akke, Lars Wollung and Fredrik Akke in october 2010. The company was founded to commercialize PhD Magnus Akkes research regarding the distribution network. The company’s unique solutions and products are based on a longstanding research project led by Magnus Akke during his time as Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of Lund University (LTH).


Arboair uses AI-driven image analysis to produce sharp decision-making data for forest owners. We use the most advanced technology to achieve high precision, but we go to work to create the conditions for a long-term improvement of your forest management.

Airpelago provides an end-to-end inspection service of power lines for TSOs and DSOs using drones. Airpelago provides a greener and more efficient way to inspect infrastructure.

Provide unique solutions for linear motion and power trains that are high-performing, eco-friendly and cost-efficient to customers in selected industries.

Celcibus supplies affordable and sustainable fuel cell catalysts to enable global use of fuel cells through a patented noble metal-free catalyst technology.

Echandia is a world-leading provider of zero-emission energy systems for heavy-duty industry. We deliver the world’s most advanced LTO battery modules for the maritime and rail markets.

Crowddroning by GLOBHE enables clients, ranging from humanitarian organizations to notable corporations, to order drone data at a global scale in just a few clicks.

Hymeth is a Danish company currently developing a low temperature high pressure electrolyzer.

I-CONIC Vision AB is a Swedish start-up with the ambition to revolutionize how video is processed and how video can be perceived and utilized. Håkan Wiman and Mikael Stern conceived the concept of real-time, real-world 3D and 4D in early 2018.

MIMSI Materials design and produce high performance thin film and coating materials for industrial clients in different verticals.

Modvion is a Swedish Engineering and Industrial Design company developing modular designs in renewable Engineered Wood Products to simplify and improve construction logistics.

Polar Light Technologies are setting several new efficiency standards that overcomes current technical challenges in microLED technology.

SenseNode make it possible for businesses to automatically measure the power consumption of their facilities.

Perform smart inspections safely and efficiently across your grid for better grid uptime. Fly long range unmanned aircraft to automate the inspection of the grid.

Stockholm Water Technology is a scandinavian company that exists to develop and design clean and sustainable water solutions. The technology integrates hardware and software and brings smartness to the system while offering an exceptionally high water recovery and low energy use.

Votion’s business idea is to produce Advanced Biofuels, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), and Specialty Biochemicals on a large scale. To make it happen and to remain competitive, technology development will be essential. Therefore, the plan comprises both Technology Development and Project Development.


Ferroamp has created the EnergyHub system, bringing a new future proof way of integrating solar PV, energy storage and DC loads in one system.


A global provider of a decision support system enabling DSOs to move towards data-driven operations and a robust, and reliable smart grid.


Efficax Energy has developed the world’s smartest Solar thermal system, increasing efficiency with 10% and reducing the investment cost with 30%. The product is a junction-box called SolarFlex which makes it possible to connect Solar panels to the existing hot water boiler. The market is global and the business model is based on licensing in order to achieve high scalability and faster market penetration.



Tomas Wall

Board President

Claes Wallnér


Erik Ekedahl

Vice President

Klaus Gottwald

Board Director

SEA Partners

Lennart Billfalk

Fredrik Billing

Martin Elfstadius

Anders Ericsson

Leif-Olof Fager

Olof Heyman

Håkan Knutsson

Tomas Kåberger

Hans Lidén

Henrik Lundberg

Göran Lundgren

Micael Lundgren

Anders Nilsson

Ulrika Nilsson

Jan Nordling

Nils Nygren

Jonas Nyman

Lennart Ohlsson

Catharina Ringborg

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